The RadioPlane Seeker drone is live on kickstarter!

After spending nearly three years developing an amazing drone that introduces two entirely new features:

  • an open modular design and
  • next level autonomous flight system,

we are finally ready to take orders for the RadioPlane Seeker drone with its first completed module – the Retractable Metal Detector – for land mine, precious metals, etc. detection. 

For more details and plenty of other state of the art features, check out our kickstarter campaign running from now until June 4th. Click Here!

Spread the word. Buy a drone (or a cool t-shirt), help us introduce a serious (i.e. land mine detection), useful (i.e. professional services), fun (i.e. treasure hunting, game development) flying device to the world.

Thank you,

the RadioPlane team

Please feel free to forward this missive to those who might be interested. Visit our website for more information or to sign up for our newsletter. We obviously appreciate likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter and welcome any questions you may have.

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