The RadioPlane Company is Developing an Advanced Land Mine Detecting Drone

There are hundreds of thousands of children living on this planet that have been severely crippled or maimed by land mines. Over a million innocent people have fallen victim to the hidden danger since their introduction.

Dozens of people are injured by land mines and other improvised explosive devices (IED) every day – and the number is rising…

Though great progress has been made to ban or limit their application by many nations around the world, land mines are cheap and are still being laid by a number of nations and groups around the globe.

As of 2017, the number of land mine accidents has been rising for a variety of reasons and as usual, innocent civilians are the most common casualties of this insidious explosive device.

Obviously, we should stop doing this and we should find and remove every last entirely unnecessary threat to the lives and limbs of humans and other animals.

Heavy political pressure is one way to stop mines from hurting people. The best land mines and IED’s are the ones that are never manufactured.

The other is to develop tools to safely and reliably eliminate this threat.

Of the estimated 100,000,000+ mines buried in the ground throughout the world, more than half of them have been laid in places accessible to our new autonomous land mine detecting drone.

We have already developed the drone to the point where it takes off, scans an area for mines, indicates any finds in real time on one or several devices simultaneously and logs the data for you.

When it runs low on power, it returns to our specially designed charging pad, recharges its battery and resumes where it left off – no pilot required.

Once the entire area within its range has been scanned, simply move it to another location, press “start mission” and repeat.

It indicates exactly where it has been, has centimeter precise navigation and can identify the location of a detected mine precisely and relay that information to you.

It has taken us 33 months of bootstrapping to make our original idea come true. It now exists and is ready for demonstration.

However, our funding is currently quite low and though we have a fully functioning prototype, we both need to set up our manufacturing facility and scale up the drone using our fully functioning flight control system to carry a much larger, heavier detector specifically suited for the task.

We also would like to give our drone further enhancements to expand its capabilities such as:

– integrating simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for navigating more complex terrain and avoiding obstacles

– covering the drone in solar film to keep it flying longer and, in the unlikely event it should run out of energy before it reaches its charging pad, give it the power it needs to “get back up” and return home.

And, of course, develop further modules with the primary goal of detecting land mines but with many other applications as well such as:

– AI optical recognition of land mines and other devices

– a ground penetrating radar system

– a light refraction system

– a molecular explosives detector?…

So, if you could please spread the word about our project and support it in any way you can, we can reach our goals sooner than later. Imagine a swarm of drones detecting land mines tirelessly and effectively over vast areas. We are dedicated to refining our drone until the technology is complete and the job is done.

If you can not afford to buy one of our drones or support our crowd funding campaign at this time, remember every like, follow, view, post, comment or word of mouth mention is a little nugget of gold to us.

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