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When you have too many ideas vis a vis your resources to research and develop those ideas, you can either let them languish or you can write a white paper where you describe the idea to others so they can add their expertise and get busy developing.

The hyperloop white paper is a great example of a person sharing his “valuable” thoughts, potentially even giving away “secrets” he might have hoarded for himself for later profitable exploitation. But for him, it seemed more important that the job gets done than who does and/or profits from it. And parallel development of technology only leads to the next generation of genius faster which benefits us all.


To a large extent, this is the idea behind the RadioPlane Seeker drone. It is an autonomous, automatic, modular carrier with advanced technology enabling it to be fine tuned for mounting any module you can think of weighing under 2.5 pounds or around 1 kilo. And it is ready for your input.

A scaled up version capable of carrying ten or more times the weight is on our drawing board using the same flight control system developed for the Seeker. We need to size up for a larger detector and other modules, but we have yet to build our prototype as of April, 2018.

So, the Seeker has an open modular design with nine interfaces for connecting various modules. We designed it this way because our original goal of clearing mine fields requires multiple approaches to detect all buried dangers efficiently and reliably.

We wanted to be able to quickly swap modules in just a few clicks and we wanted to make sure that whatever module we came up with could be accommodated in the future.

We developed our own first module: a retractable metal detector. We attached the metal detector controller to the drone, interfaced it with our mission planning app, mounted a retracting device and attached a high quality metal detector coil to it.

We have a few modules/attachments we are currently working on from AI capable of discerning what it sees (i.e. optical land mine recognition) to 3D SLAM based navigation and more.

And here’s where we have more ideas than resources.

As is – in addition to our retractable metal detector – you can already hook up dozens of different cameras, sensors, etc. without much ado. But there are many other technologies which have yet to be combined into fun and/or useful tools/toys.

If you already have technology on the ground which could be more useful in the air, consider adapting it to the Seeker drone.

If you see potential applications we have not yet recognized, develop a third party module, hook it up and start your own venture.

If you have ideas, especially for land mine detection, please help us solve this growing problem and other humanitarian challenges.

The areas to which the Seeker can be adapted seems limited only by the imagination and physics laws.

And if you have any task you need a solution for, be it protecting rain forests, endangered species, providing internet to remote locations, etc. contact us to see if we can help or connect you to someone who can.

If you are interested in using our drone for monitoring your facilities, mapping, inspection or any other industrial activities where an autonomous, automated drone can be of use. Do not hesitate to inquire.

As of this writing, we are about to launch our crowd funding campaign to make this whole idea a reality as soon as possible. A successful campaign will accelerate our project so we can solve challenges sooner.

Wish us luck, contact us or join us to develop innovative flying devices,

The RadioPlane team

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