Press Release – RadioPlane Seeker Drone

Introducing the RadioPlane Seeker Drone –  the drone that finds what you seek.

Radioplane, a new player in the drone sphere is introducing a next generation, highly adaptable, modular drone for serious work and adventure. The state of the art Seeker drone is designed to carry many different types of equipment for a multitude of tasks autonomously, automatically and continuously

The Seeker drone is a highly precise flying device that can be programmed to take off, travel a predetermined flight path over an area while avoiding obstacles and flying as low as mere centimeters above the ground. When it runs low on power, it finds its way back to a special RadioPlane Charging Pad where it automatically recharges itself and resumes its mission until completed.

The drone has a front and rear mounts with multiple interfaces for connecting RadioPlane or third party modules, a true playground for scientists and tinkerers. There are several modules in the pipeline for the Seeker drone and development of further modules by third party researchers and inventors is actively being supported.

The first completed RadioPlane module – a metal detector attached to the rear mount is currently being prepared for official certification so that it can be used to help clear minefields around the world – our current main goal. It doubles as an advanced automatic gold detector, revolutionizing the task of finding precious or other metals autonomously while you do other things.

The Seeker drone works in tandem with the RadioPlane Ground Control Station which processes data and sends and receives instructions to and from the Seeker and the RadioPlane Charging Pad which the drone lands on for automatic recharging.

The Seeker drone is made of an elegant, super rigid carbon frame that folds neatly into a 17″ laptop case. It has smart vibration dampening, smart batteries, multiple RadioPlane universal bus connections and conductive landing legs for automatic battery recharging. It has an operating range of approximately 2km and a flight time of up to 50 minutes depending on the weight and shape of any attachments. Fully equipped with our metal detector module, flight times average 25 minutes

The Seeker navigates its environment through a network of cameras, GPS and GNSS systems, range finders and multiple sensors all controlled by advanced proprietary and open source software running on a fast computer chip. We have tested our fully autonomous flight system and have achieved impressive results.

The Seeker can be controlled by a long range remote controller or the RadioPlane mission planner app for shorter distances if you wish to fly the drone manually. Otherwise, activate fully automatic operation in our Mission Planning App.

The RadioPlane Mission Planning app is easy to use. Simply draw a flight path on a touch screen and press start. The app can notify one or multiple users simultaneously if it discovers something in real time and any discoveries are logged for future reference.

Many spare parts can be printed locally using our modifiable 3d printing files. The open design of the Seeker base drone allows it to serve as a carrier for all kinds of modules weighing up to 1kg – from cameras and infrared sensors to tree planting modules and inflatable rescue devices. We hope users will come up with many innovative ideas.

We will be crowd funding our drone on kickstarter in the coming days. For more information, please contact us at, visit our website to sign up for our newsletter, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and soon you can watch us on youtube.


RadioPlane Press Release 18.04.2018

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