Kickstarter, here we come

We are nearly done with all our preparations and anticipate launching our Kickstarter campaign in the next days. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed!

You can preview our Kickstarter campaign already: Click here

Long and hard the road has been, but we finally have a nearly finished product with lots of future module development potential.

Join us, support us, spread the word. RadioPlane is introducing itself to the world and we are very excited about what lies ahead. Will we get a stable business up on its feet, will it succeed at its original mission of removing millions of land mines and finding tons of precious metals? That depends among other things, on you. Wish us luck,

Your RadioPlane team

RadioPlane Seeker Basic

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  1. Great work, gentlemen. Love the site and the Kickstarter draft. Want the T-shirt!
    Best of luck as you progress through your launch and funding process.
    Love and Light to you all.

  2. This tech could revolutionize the drone industry. Your autonomous land-and-charge idea is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m looking forward to seeing you get this thing out there!

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