The RadioPlane Seeker drone is live on kickstarter!

After spending nearly three years developing an amazing drone that introduces two entirely new features:

  • an open modular design and
  • next level autonomous flight system,

we are finally ready to take orders for the RadioPlane Seeker drone with its first completed module – the Retractable Metal Detector – for land mine, precious metals, etc. detection.  (more…)


Press Release – RadioPlane Seeker Drone

Introducing the RadioPlane Seeker Drone –  the drone that finds what you seek.

Radioplane, a new player in the drone sphere is introducing a next generation, highly adaptable, modular drone for serious work and adventure. The state of the art Seeker drone is designed to carry many different types of equipment for a multitude of tasks autonomously, automatically and continuously(more…)


Kickstarter, here we come

We are nearly done with all our preparations and anticipate launching our Kickstarter campaign in the next days. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed!

You can preview our Kickstarter campaign already: Click here

Long and hard the road has been, but we finally have a nearly finished product with lots of future module development potential.


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