The drone that finds what you seek.

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Fully automatic landing and recharging

The RadioPlane Seeker is an efficient worker. It can take off, perform a multitude of tasks, return and land directly on the RadioPlane recharging pad automatically, then repeat. As configured, it can carry up to 1 kg of additional payload and stay in the air for up to an hour. It can operate alone or in a swarm. No pilot required.

Next generation super flexible plug and play

Nine interfaces including two payload mounts and 7 slots for sensors and instruments are available for your next experiment. Design new modules, attach any number of existing modules and/or sensors. The RadioPlane Seeker is a veritable playground for makers and scientists.

Metal detector module

The first RadioPlane module is our Metal Detection System. With an attached third party metal detector wired up to our drone, the Seeker becomes an autonomous, automated copper, gold, land mine, etc. scanner, flying only centimeters above the ground. Fully functional within minutes of unboxing, yet the Metal Detection System is made up of exchangeable parts. You can choose to use it as it comes or configure it to your specific requirements.

Super simple mission planning

The RadioPlane Mission Planning App is easy to use. Define an area on your smart phone or tablet and click to start the mission. If you want to change parameters such as speed or altitude, this can be pre set or adjusted during flight. Your most recent configuration is automatically saved for your next mission. Create different profiles for various situations and attachments.

Ground control station

The RadioPlane Ground Control Station is effectively our autopilot coupled with our recharging pad. Connect to a power source (grid or 12-20V car battery), access directly or through the RadioPlane Mission Planning App.

Many great features

  • Foldability and compact design
  • Super strong carbon frame
  • Many 3d printable spare parts
  • Compact – fits in a 17″ laptop case

Basically, an entire new business in a box

Modularity and quality mean endless possibilities. Can you think of a task you can carry out faster and more accurately with the right copter? .

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